Fleet administration in a large entertainment company

Fleet administration management systems

The challenge:

  • To implement a system to ensure all journeys were captured and attributed to a driver
  • To ensure all drivers declared whether journeys were for business or private use
  • To enable an effective audit system to ensure compliance with corporate policies
  • To identify drivers to ensure compliance with internal duty of care processes
  • To eliminate the need for extensive paper-based system

Our solution:

  • Using the iR3 electronic log book system enabled the client to capture all trips undertaken in their vehicles
  • Incorporating our Driver ID system, which utilised staff passes, ensured that drivers could be identified and trips attributed to them
  • The log book facility enabled drivers to identify which journeys were private and business and download a log of all trips so they could declare necessary journeys
  • Paper-based processes were overtaken by the electronic log book system which highlighted all trips undertaken
  • The electronic logbook system also allowed drivers to allocate trips as being private or business

The outcome:

  • The company was able to reduce its manual fleet administration processes which effectively paid for the iR3 telematics system
  • Audit compliance was achieved without the need for form filling or using a paper based system
  • Corporate policy adherence could be assessed by using the iR3 system without the need of manual intervention
  • Driver compliance with corporate policy was improved significantly so enhancing corporate reputation and duty of care compliance

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