Telematics Solutions

Driving data-led decisions

Telematics help fleets optimise their operations without comprising on core operations, safety, or cost.  

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Transforming your fleet data for when it matters the most

Lightbulb Analytics telematics solution is a fleet and resource management system which enables users to optimise their fleet and resources. Telematics goes far beyond just live tracking and vehicle status. Fleet managers can easily undertake fleet optimisation analysis, vehicle and personnel utilization, trip replays, assess driver behaviour, and potential collision analysis.

Powerful integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your other key business systems, allowing you and your team to conduct analyses on core operational activities. Multiple systems data can be captured and analysed within one core platform, integrating with fleet management systems, crime and intelligence software, ControlWorks, SAP, Capita TRSI and more.

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Maximise your fleet assets

Optimise your fleet by analysing vehicle usage over time and pinpoint where vehicles may be over or under-utilised. Software can assist in reviewing the fleet with confidence levels to work out which vehicles are required, and a right fit for their intended role. It’s never been easier to maximise your operations.

Confidently deploy your resources

Controllers, Supervisors and Managers have access to real time analysis of what resources (vehicles and people) are available, their current operational status and location. The software can also provide historic analysis of incidents, operations and patrols enabling managers to review the effectiveness of how resources were managed.

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Improve driver behaviour

Our driver behaviour modules assess driving style and provides a score for each trip. The driver scores are analysed within the module and provide each driver and the fleet manager with an assessment of their driving. You can even use league tables for an engaging strategy to improve individual and overall driver scores over time.

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Modules in your toolkit:

  • Fleet Optimisation
  • Electric Logbook
  • Fleet Productivity and Utilisation Analysis
  • Duty of Care
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Fleet and Vehicle Health
  • Preventative Maintenance Analysis
  • Incident Dispatch
  • Officer Management
  • Route Replay
  • Geo Fence Reporting
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Collision Analysis
  • Briefing and Tasking

Case Study: Kent and Essex Police

For the Kent and Essex Police, the mission is simple: to make the counties a safe place for people to live, work, and visit. To achieve this mission, they needed a data platform to improving efficiencies. Kent and Essex police installed Lightbulb Analytics fleet and resource management system in 2018. This software has quickly become key to driving efficiencies across both forces: in recycling assets, community engagement, officer productivity, reduction in operating costs and streamlining of working practices.

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