Transforming Resource Allocation with Mobile Apps

14 May 2024

Emergency services face various challenges, from dynamic incidents to resource allocation hurdles. Mobile apps are pivotal in overcoming these obstacles, particularly for police operations. In this video, we cover:

  • Challenges that are specific to emergency services: From quick response times to following safety and compliance rules, to overcoming hurdles with new technology, there are several challenges emergency services may need to overcome in a modern world. 

  • Real-world examples: Wondering how your organisation can overcome these challenges? In this video, we share real-world examples of how mobile apps are improving operations. This includes streamlined incident management, critical incident notifications,  prioritised tasks and more.

  • Mobile resourcing app benefits: The IR3 Mobile App is the first of its kind, so the benefits of this technology can be transformative for an emergency services organisation. 

In summary, this video is an essential resource for emergency service fleet professionals seeking to vastly improve response times, streamline communication, improve driver behaviour, increase vehicle efficiency, monitor compliance, and more. 

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