Fleet Optimisation – Large Emergency Service Fleet Operation

Understanding Fleet Optimisation to Maximise Fleet Utilisation

The challenge:

  • To provide significant fleet cost reduction (over 20%)
  • To achieve this whilst ensuring core business operations were not compromised
  • To ensure “buy-in” from senior operational managers
  • To show how further potential fleet savings could be achieved by implementing best practice

Our solution:

  • Implementation of iR3 telematics to provide analysis on vehicle utilisation
  • To carry out a comprehensive fleet review working with the Transport team
  • To assess potential areas of improvement both in terms of the core fleet operation and how the vehicles are used
  • Working with the organisation to carry out a comprehensive “benefits realisation” process to ensure all the identified benefits were assessed and realised in a time frame agreed with key stakeholders

The outcome:

  • Fleet reduction from 732 to 587 vehicles, saving over £1,536,337 in capital & revenue costs. Representing a cashable fleet saving of 20%
  • The savings programme over the following 2 years suggested an additional £1,500,000 of cashable savings
  • Providing accurate mileage to their fleet management system would enable them to schedule servicing more accurately which would lead to a reduction in unnecessary servicing and repairs. The identified savings in Service, Maintenance and Repair were estimated at £160,000
  • A 22% reduction in accidents and associated costs, giving a cashable saving of £64,800 per annum and 480 additional vehicle days
  • Fuel costs would reduce by £250,471 from reducing unnecessary mileage and analysing where fuel was purchased as well as managing driver behaviour. Reducing fuel consumption would also assist in reducing the fleet’s overall CO2
  • Identifying underutilised fleet vehicles would lead to a 20% reduction in car hire, which equated to a £83,315 saving per annum
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