Fleet Optimisation in a Large Fleet Operation

Understanding Fleet Optimisation to Maximise Fleet Utilisation

The challenge:

  • To identify the potential to reduce a very large but business critical fleet to make it more cost effective
  • Aim to reduce fleet costs by 15% -20% overall in a fleet which had previously undertaken a major cost efficiency programme
  • To highlight how such savings could be achieved by providing evidence of areas of savings

Our solution:

  • Using iR3 in several sectors of the fleet, we analysed how vehicles were utilised and whether there was a potential for fleet rationalisation and reduction
  • We analysed iR3 vehicle utilisation data in various formats to provide evidence of areas of under / over utilisation
  • We analysed where drivers were refuelling vehicles using iR3 geo–fences to assess if savings could be made by using alternative sites.
  • We analysed vehicle downtime to determine whether vehicles were fit for purpose and determine which vehicles may be better suited for some roles

The outcome:

  • iR3 analysis showed that between 15%-20% of the fleet could be redistributed and potentially reduced from the fleet without affecting overall performance. It offered a fleet saving of over £3,000,000
  • Analysis of fuel site visits showed a potential saving of £90,000 per annum
  • Analysis of mileage and potentially unnecessary trips suggested a saving of £1,600,000 per annum and a saving of over 3,150 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Improvements and automation of fleet administration processes using iR3 data would reduce the administrative costs by £350,000 per annum
in potential cost savings
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potential fleet size reduction
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