Major National Fleets Benchmarking

Understanding Fleet Optimisation to Maximise Fleet Utilisation​

The challenge:

  • To enable large and complex fleet operations, comprising of over 35,000 vehicles in total to carry out performance comparison on key aspects of their fleet operation
  • To achieve this in a format which can be readily accessible by participants giving them the ability to compare their fleet performance with others nationally, regionally and over periods of time
  • To provide additional services which enabled participants to share good practice, learn from their peers and provide a cross- fertilization of ideas

Our solution:

  • A secure intuitive web application that enabled fleet managers to upload core data from fleet management systems
  • Integrating all fleet data sets into a single standardized system for reporting allowed like for like comparison of performance between fleets
  • The application provided KPIs on all core aspects of fleet operations
  • Enabled participants to drill down into analytics to surface underlying issues and identify causes
  • The application promoted better communication between participants encouraging new ideas and fleet management practices
  • Improved communication resulted in relevant questions being raised more frequently and provided a support network of peers to seek advice from

The outcome:

  • The participants were able to compare their fleet operations with their peers and understand their areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • They could drill down into data to pinpoint the cause in underperforming areas and take action
  • They could assess how effective their changes had been by comparing latest performance with previous KPI benchmarks
  • Enabled by benchmarked analysis and peer communication they learnt how to reduce costs and improve whole life costs while still operating an effective fleet

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