Duty of Care – Large Facilities Management Company

Understanding Fleet Optimisation to Maximise Fleet Utilisation

The challenge:

  • To ensure the company maintained its record of excellent duty of care especially within its fleet operation
  • To ensure its corporate reputation was enhanced
  • To identify instances which could cause concern so that remedial action could be undertaken

Our solution:

  • Using iR3 products to report on potential instances of concern
  • Providing regular reports which would show instances where duty of care infringements may have occurred
  • Giving the ability through iR3 to replay key trips to understand the context of such infringements
  • Providing accident analysis where collisions have occurred so that the accident could be reviewed

The outcome:

  • Improvement in driver behaviour and duty of care compliance
  • Reduction in the number of identified instances, especially concerning drivers already made aware of identified infringements
  • Providing trip analysis showing compliance of drivers with the Company’s health and safety policy
  • Accident analysis showing how vehicles were being driven and support for accident claims management

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