Operation and Major Event Planning for a Very Large Police Service

Route optimisation for officers and police vehicles​

The challenge:

  • To support the preparation of plans for events such as International Conferences, emergency plans, and major incidents amongst others
  • The service needed a tool to create and share operational plans in a geospatial mapping environment
  • To plan policing strategy for the event
  • To brief officers prior to the event
  • To provide copies of briefing maps to official bodies in preparation
  • To provide copies of maps to officers to take out with them (electronic and paper) when policing the event or operation

Our solution:

  • LBA created map-based software that allowed users to visually describe plan details, geographical sectors inside one to many operational plan areas
  • System users could plan routes, route notes, times and locations of resources, as well as any other mapping objects and deemed useful

The outcome:

  • The ability to prepare and brief expectations to officers for operations and major events
  • Management of resources against the plan in real-time using iR3 as operations and major events unfolded
  • iR3 monitored resource locations against a given plan in real-time

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