Lightbulb Analytics Introduces an Advanced App Redefining Policing Operations

18 December 2023

Lightbulb Analytics unveils its latest innovation in police fleet technology – an advanced app designed to transform the way police forces operate. This state-of-the-art app combines powerful features with unprecedented benefits, empowering officers to respond effectively, communicate seamlessly, and streamline operations like never before.

The Lightbulb Analytics app is a game-changing solution for modern police forces, leveraging the latest technology to enhance operational efficiency, communication, and incident management. Designed with real-world policing challenges in mind, this app offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at optimising officer performance and maximising resource utilisation.

Key Features of the App

  • Efficient Incident Response: The app integrates with Google Maps for in-car navigation as well as mobile phone navigation (perfect for foot patrols!), providing officers with precise incident directions and eliminating the need for address duplication. This significantly accelerates response times and enhances on-site safety.
  • Digital Vehicle Logbook: The app records and categorises comprehensive vehicle activity data, reducing administrative burdens by distinguishing between personal and business trips.
  • Priority Incident Alerts: Graded alerts instantly notify officers of high-priority Grade 1 and Grade 2 incidents within their sector, slashing response times and ensuring optimal area coverage.
  • Seamless Communication: Officers can quickly connect with colleagues through the app, fostering real-time communication that promotes connectivity and safety.
  • Driver Behaviour Enhancement: The app provides drivers with scores and insights to improve driving behaviour, increasing vehicle efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • Proximity-Sorted Objectives: Nearby objectives are sorted by proximity, empowering officers to take autonomous action and respond swiftly to incidents, thereby increasing overall efficiency.
  • Automated Workflow: The app automates prompts and eliminates secondary prioritisation, streamlining tasks and ensuring a more efficient and productive workflow.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Officers can prevent duplication of tasks by viewing ongoing objectives, enabling them to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.
  • Compliance Monitoring: The app allows officers to track their activities and ensure adherence to SLAs, contributing to enhanced accountability and performance.
  • Activity Overview: Officers can easily review their activity history, prompting timely follow-up actions and ensuring all tasks are completed in a streamlined manner.

Benefits for Police Forces

The Lightbulb Analytics app offers a multitude of benefits for police forces:

  • Enhanced incident response and address accuracy
  • Reduced administrative workload through digital vehicle data management
  • Drastically improved response times for high-priority incidents
  • Streamlined communication fostering officer connectivity and safety
  • Improved driver behaviour and increased vehicle efficiency
  • Automated prompts ensure easy prioritisation and a streamlined process
  • Streamlined workflow automation for optimised task execution
  • Informed decision-making through ongoing objective tracking
  • Better compliance monitoring and performance enhancement
  • Timely activity follow-up, ensuring efficient task completion

Lightbulb Analytics is excited to introduce this ground-breaking app to police forces, supporting their mission to serve and protect communities more effectively. The app’s comprehensive features and benefits mark a new era in police fleet technology, driving operational excellence and enabling officers to excel in their roles.


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