Lightbulb Analytics Launches a Briefing and Tasking Module to Optimise Operational Police Fleets

14 August 2023

Lightbulb Analytics, a leading provider of telematics software solutions for UK police forces, has announced the launch of its new Briefing and Tasking Module. This innovative module allows officers to be automatically briefed on incidents that have occurred in their area and provides officers with the intelligence they need to be aware of. It is an easily accessible module, available on both desktop and mobile devices, which targets briefings to certain officers based on skills and workplace. The module centralises information held in several systems, so officers get ‘one view’ of emerging incidents, initiatives, and tasks.

One of the most significant benefits of the Briefing and Tasking Module is that it allows officers to be briefed from a variety of sources such as crime and intelligence, command and control, and fleet management systems. The information informs officers on key elements such as people on a shift, resources booked to incidents, patrols, initiatives, urgent actions, missing persons, etc. Briefing is specific to the officer or team, ensuring officers are aware of key information, incidents, and community concerns. Community intelligence is provided, such as community tensions, patrol hotspots, outstanding warrants, and priority intelligence.

Supervisors can see and direct officers to key tasks which impact the community and ensure they are acted on. This ensures compliance with key tasks and manages resources more effectively. The module also significantly reduces the time of briefing meetings; sometimes eliminating them entirely.

“We are proud to launch our new Briefing and Tasking Module, which we believe will greatly enhance the briefing of officers in the field,” said Mike Gadd, Managing Director of Lightbulb Analytics. “This module provides officers with a single view of information and keeps them up to date with live events, so they can advise their communities and stay on top of emergent threats. It includes an app, so officers do not need to return to base to get updates. It also means officers who are unfamiliar with the area can get up to speed quickly no matter where they are.”

From initial testing, operational police fleets can greatly benefit from Lightbulb Analytics’ Briefing and Tasking Module for improved situational awareness, targeted briefings, enhanced collaboration and efficient resource management.

Lightbulb’s new Module is now available to current Lightbulb Analytics customers but can also be used as an add-on to your current solution as it is software agnostic.

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